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If you are looking for complementary ways to assist in building your health, we can help! Tree of Life Health Ministries is dedicated to teaching individuals how to build their health naturally.

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  • WATCH IT NOW! MethylGenetic Nutrition Breaking the Genetic Code 8/8/2014

    On June 21, 2014, Bob Miller, ND, gave a lecture on his cutting edge research with a nutritional approach to health. This is how you can use genetic testing to find the targeted nutrients you need. After you watch this entire video, you will gain a deeper understanding of nutritional health than you have ever had before.


    On Monday, August 18th from 6:30 pm till 8:30 pm, Clinical herbalist, Stephen Byers, will discuss combining medicinal plants with nourishing foods and nutrient dense food protocols found to improve digestive function. Resources will be provided for those seeking further support in understanding Leaky Gut as well as a time of Q & A at the end. Cost is $5.00. This seminar will be held in our Ephrata office. To pre-register, please call 717.733.2003. Mark your calendars and invite a friend!

  • Welcome Rachael Frey, RN, Client Care Coordinator 4/29/2014

    We are pleased to introduce you to our Client Care Coordinator, Rachael Frey, RN. Tree of Life Health Ministries is pleased to announce that Rachael Frey, RN, has joined our staff as our Client Care Coordinator. Rachael meets with all of our new clients, to learn how we may best meet their individual needs. She is available to address any questions or concerns you may have and she can speak with you about the following: • How genetic testing may help you find the nutritional support you need • How Bob Miller or Rhonda Ehrgood, the Naturopaths at Tree of Life, may be able to assist you • How to find emotional balance through emotion code techniques performed by Rhonda Ehrgood • How Venice Nutrition may help you obtain a healthy weight and stable blood sugar for maximum health benefits • How CranioSacral therapy may be benefit you • How Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field therapy may support you • How Frequency Specific Micro-current may support you • How the Standard Process 21-Day Purification program may jump start your detoxification and weight loss efforts • How the far-infrared sauna, ozone sauna, and ionic footbaths may assist you during detoxification • How the Turbosonic whole body vibration machine may complement your exercise program .... Feel free to call Rachael in our Ephrata office at 717-733-2003 ext. 307 or in our Gap office at 717-442-3200 ext. 313 with any questions you may have.

  • Click & Learn How the World of Using Nutrition to Build Health Has Changed! 3/31/2014

    Tree of Life Health is now pioneering in using DNA analysis to create nutritional protocols based upon your unique DNA. Those who understand biochemistry will realize that this is the future of supporting health. In this 49-minute video, Bob Miller, a traditional naturopath, will help you understand how free radicals may be the root cause of aging and illness and how you can use nutrition to support the production of the antioxidants that neutralize them. Additionally, this video will explain how your body chemistry works, how genetic variants in your inherited DNA can exacerbate the creation of free radicals, and how this chemistry may also support the production of the antioxidants that neutralize the free radicals. Finally, you will learn how you can use saliva testing to see which genetic variants you may have. We will review this data with you to help create a targeted nutritional protocol to ensure you are implementing proper supplementation that best supports your health and wellbeing based upon your unique DNA.

  • WELCOME STEPHEN BYERS, Clinical Herbalist 3/27/2014

    Since the age of 10, Stephen Byers has been learning about the medicinal uses of plants. Beginning with the basic backyard medicinal plants to those that are used commonly all over the world, Stephen is familiar with the uses of over 300 plants. His approach is to integrate the wisdom of the traditional uses of the plants with the modern scientific studies, which enlighten our understanding of holistic healing. He earned a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Gordon College, completed the Herbalist Training Program with internationally recognized herbalist David Winston, and was clinically trained at the Vermont Center for Integrative Herbalism where he received a degree as a Family Herbalist. Now seeing clients in our Gap office Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 9am till 5pm. Call 717-442-3200 to schedule your appointment today.

Help Your Body Heal Itself With Naturopathic Services From Tree Of Life

Good food, fresh air, clean water and exercise: the body doesn’t require much to stay healthy. But consuming the right things – and keeping toxins out – can be challenging in today’s world.

Naturopathy can help. When you consume, digest and deliver to your cells all the nutrition they need, reduce your exposure to environmental pollutants and facilitate the removal of bodily toxins, your body may begin to heal itself. Tree of Life Health Ministries offers a variety of naturopathic services to help your body heal, including:

Is Naturopathy Right For Me?

Our board certified naturopathic experts have years of experience helping people of all ages, backgrounds and beliefs. We simply provide the guidance and services you need to maintain long-term health.

We understand that naturopathic services are new to many people, so we offer a variety of free resources on our website and at our Ephrata and Gap, PA office locations. Choose a service above to discover more, or contact Tree of Life Health Ministries today.

Please note: Tree of Life Health Ministries does not diagnose or treat disease. For this, you must see a licensed medical doctor. Insurance does not cover our services or products, with the exception of some massage and chiropractic care. Talk to your insurance provider for details.

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