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    Thank you for your interest in Tree of Life Health. We are in the process of updating our website. You may find information on our pages that may not necessarily be current, and we do apologize. Our goal is to keep this website updated until the new one is launched, but we have had a few oversights during our construction. Please call 717.733.2003 for our current menu of services and prices. Thank you for understanding. We look forward to working with you! The Tree of Life Team

  • Understanding MethylGenetic Nutrition Video by Bob Miller, CTN. 8/23/2015

    Tree of Life Health's specialty has become MethylGenetic Nutrition. This is nutrition based upon your own unique DNA pattern. Bob Miller, the traditional naturopath at Tree of Life has now become a well known and respected researcher of genetic nutrition, training health professionals all over the country about his discoveries in genetic nutrition. To learn about genetic nutrition, watch this 45-minute video that gives a basic overview of genetic nutrition. For those who have already done the genetic testing, this video must be viewed before your consultation.


    Emily Givler has joined us offering supplement counseling and pediatric nutrition consulting for children and adults. She specializes in food allergies, gluten and other sensitivities, leaky gut syndrome and delayed food allergies. Her knowledge and ten years' experience in the natural health field will help you navigate the tough roads one travels to obtain optimal health. Emily has also earned a reputation as a local expert on genetically modified organisms(GMO's). In addition to nutritional couseling, she is offering Jade microcurrent therapy. Jade is a safe, non-invasive, non-surgical technique that mimics the body's natural electrical impulses to stimulate healthy cell response. Call 717.733.2003 today to schedule your appointment or to learn more. Click above to view Emily's flyer for her services and hours.

  • WATCH IT NOW! MethylGenetic Nutrition Breaking the Genetic Code 8/8/2014

    On June 21, 2014, Bob Miller, ND, gave a lecture on his cutting edge research with a nutritional approach to health. This is how you can use genetic testing to find the targeted nutrients you need. After you watch this entire video, you will gain a deeper understanding of nutritional health than you have ever had before.

  • Click & Learn How the World of Using Nutrition to Build Health Has Changed! 3/31/2014

    Tree of Life Health is now pioneering in using DNA analysis to create nutritional protocols based upon your unique DNA. Those who understand biochemistry will realize that this is the future of supporting health. In this 49-minute video, Bob Miller, a traditional naturopath, will help you understand how free radicals may be the root cause of aging and illness and how you can use nutrition to support the production of the antioxidants that neutralize them. Additionally, this video will explain how your body chemistry works, how genetic variants in your inherited DNA can exacerbate the creation of free radicals, and how this chemistry may also support the production of the antioxidants that neutralize the free radicals. Finally, you will learn how you can use saliva testing to see which genetic variants you may have. We will review this data with you to help create a targeted nutritional protocol to ensure you are implementing proper supplementation that best supports your health and wellbeing based upon your unique DNA.

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