Bionic Hydrotherapy Footbaths

Detox While You Relax

People who make detoxification programs part of their lifestyle report increased energy, better health and a greater sense of mental clarity. As one of its many detox therapies, The Cambium Wellness Center at Tree of Life offers Bionic Hydrotherapy footbaths.


How Bionic Hydrotherapy Footbaths Work?

The Bionic Hydrotherapy system works like a poultice. By using controlled ionic pressure, the footbath draws out toxins and heavy metals at the cellular level. The body’s natural systems are always trying to package and remove things, with the skin being the largest detoxification organ, and the goal of this process is to help that process along. Because the feet have the largest pores on the body and the skin is a semi-permeable membrane, toxins can be pulled safely and easily with the use of warm water bath.


These heavy metals may damage the liver, kidneys and blood before the body has a chance to eliminate them. To reduce their toxic effect, the body encapsulates these metals and stores them in the tissues of organs, muscle and even nerves. There they may create lasting organ and tissue dysfunction. Metals also lower pH (acidity), which may encourage yeast, bacteria and parasites.


Bionic Hydrotherapy footbaths provide a gentle pull on the metals so that they enter the lymphatic vessels and emerge in the bath water. This elimination happens in pulses instead of a toxic stream. The footbath signals the body to prepare a portion of the encapsulated metal along with associated parasites for release. A timed 30-minute session will result in one or more of these releases in addition to a cleansing of the blood and lymph.


Other benefits of hydrotherapy footbaths may include:

Simply stated, there is nothing quite like an ionic foot bath. Rebuild and detox on three levels: breathe antioxidant rich air, sit on a warm BioMat that provides negative ions, and soak your feet in warm water that gently detoxes and provides negative ions. In addition, clients can enjoy a comfortable room with soft music, dim lights and environmental sounds. Try it! You will feel the benefits and be back for more.


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Curious to learn how footbaths work?

Listen to an interview with inventor Dr. Earl Anderson to discover more about Bionic Hydrotherapy footbaths.

Detoxify Using Bionic Hydro Therapy

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