HydroMassage Therapy

A remarkable, new massage experience

HydroMassage at The Cambium Wellness Center at Tree of Life is the most innovative massage experience possible. This water massage chair is ideal for people who don’t have the time or desire to lie down for a massage. With this massage, you stay fully dressed, other than taking off your shoes. The smooth wave traveling massage consists of travelling jets that move up and down the body with wave-like streams of heated water, allowing you to select the exact points where you’d like to concentrate the massage, select the desired massage pressure, adjust the speed, and even hold the massage in any given area. This water-through-air technology allows you to rest comfortably above the water level, providing stabilization and the delivery of maximum massage pressure as the jets of warm water relax every muscle.

How could HydroMassage help you?

HydroMassage can be used for whole body relaxation or targeted to specific areas.


Foot Massage – who knew?
The full advantage of a HydroMassage might be felt in its fullest in the form of a foot massage. Allowing the relaxing water jet to massage the underside of your feet is like going to a reflexologist for a soothing foot rubdown.






Neck Massage
Can you imagine the strain your neck undergoes on any given day. Your head is like a bowling ball and your neck and upper back muscles get a workout just keeping your head on straight. HydroMassage to the rescue. Lift the pillow and place your neck flat on the surface of the massage bed, adjust the pressure and relax. Put on the headphones and enjoy some relaxing music.




Upper and Lower Legs
Did you work out a bit too hard? Maybe you need that warm massage jet to loosen muscles before you stretch or maybe you just walked too far in your heels or boots? Let HydroMassage ease your tension and soothe those tired legs. Glutes, hamstrings, calves and more, for that all over body feeling of wellness don’t leave them out.





IT Bands
The iliotibial band (IT band) which runs up and down the side of each leg is a primary stabilization tissue. It helps stabilize the knee statically. When other areas of your lower frame get weak, this tends to get overstretched and inflamed. Simply turning on one side on the Lounge will allow the patented HydroMassage water jets to soothe and relax this area at the pressure level of your choice.



Contact Tree of Life  today to schedule your first HydroMassage session today and enjoy the many benefits of this alternative massage therapy. After your massage, you’ll be amazed at how relaxed and energized you feel.

The benefits of a full massage while remaining fully clothed!

Don’t have the time or desire to lie down for a massage? Then the HydroMassage is for you!

With a HydroMassage, your massage has perfectly controlled pressure, speed and can concentrate on certain areas like no other massage before. Come experience the many benefits of massage therapy.

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