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Innovative Wellness Solutions, Individualized for Your Unique Needs

Tree of Life offers all the holistic health services you need under one roof. Our practitioners and consultants help you identify the root cause of your body’s imbalances and address them naturally with our full array of services and therapies.

Genetic Nutritional Consultations

Understanding how DNA impacts human health is revolutionizing the future of naturopathy and nutrition. This practical, forward-looking approach of supporting genetic variants with nutritional supplementation is based on scientific evidence. With this approach, Tree of Life is helping find answers that were not available before. Ask us today about doing a simple saliva test to see if your DNA is hindering your health. We offer both on-site and well as long-distance genetic nutritional consultations via Skype or phone call. LEARN MORE

Naturopathic Consultations

When your cells receive all the needed nutrients and your eliminative organs properly remove toxins, your body may have the ability to heal itself and stay healthier longer. Naturopathy helps bring the body back to this natural state of self-healing. At Tree of Life, we perform tests that reveal your current level of health, and then determine which food-based supplements and detoxification therapies can help you restore balance. We offer both on-site and well as long-distance naturopathic consultations via Skype or phone call. LEARN MORE

Nutrition, Dietary & Weight Loss

You are what you eat…and digest. We employ a functional foods approach to support your deficiencies and help find a diet plan that works for you where you are today. From healthy eating plans, food testing and more, Tree of Life can help you find what foods work best for you and your family. LEARN MORE


Exercise & Weight Loss

Exercise is critical to maintaining long-term cardiovascular health, muscle tone and bone strength. Tree of Life offers a number of ways to exercise and achieve a healthy weight loss or gain. LEARN MORE



Structural Therapy

Good health isn’t only about how you feel; it’s also about how well your body functions. Tree of Life offers CranioSacral therapy, Frequency Specific Microcurrent, Pulsed Electric Magnetic Field Therapy, and massage to give your body the support it needs to function effectively. LEARN MORE




Using a “map” of the body, our Tree of Life therapist uses gentle pressure on reflex points to produce a positive effect in a corresponding muscle, organ or body system in the body. LEARN MORE



Detoxification Therapies

Each day we ingest a small amount of chemicals from our food and environment. Chemicals that cannot be metabolized get stored in our fat cells, where they may cause hormone imbalances, damage brain chemistry and can eventually lead to cancer and other diseases. For this reason, detoxification is an essential part of maintaining good health. Tree of Life offers a number of detoxification therapies. LEARN MORE

Body Balance

A system in balance runs efficiently and effectively, and we have energy, efficiency and vitality. When the body is overworked and out of balance, we experience symptoms and poor health. Tree of Life offers the latest wellness technologies that can help return balance to the body and improve overall wellness. LEARN MORE

Water & Air Purification

Water and air are two essential parts of human life. Unfortunately, much of our water and air has become polluted. Purifying your home’s air and water can remove pollutants and improve your family’s wellbeing. Discover more about air purifiers and water filtration systems from Tree of Life. LEARN MORE

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Our Varied Assessment Tools

Tree of Life utilizes a variety of assessment tools as needed to help support your health journey, including:

  • QFA (urine/saliva) Biological Terrain Analysis – for cell assessment and to analyze the interstitial fluids our cells live in
  • Urinalysis Test Strip
  • Urine Organic Acids
  • Bio-Electrical Impedance Assessment – to look at the vitality of our cells
  • Heart Rate Variability – to look at the balance of the central nervous system,  sympathetic and parasympathetic
  • Ragland’s orthostatic blood pressure – to look at adrenal strength
  • Iodine
  • Sulfate / Sulfite tests
  • Ammonia Assessment (urine)
  • 23andMe® saliva testing – to look at possible nutritional deficiencies resulting from DNA genetic variants
  • Methylation Pathway Test (blood)
  • Body Composition Analysis
  • Alcat Food Allergy/Sensitivity testing
  • Heavy Metal Testing – tests hair for toxic metals and elements
  • Hormone and Neurotransmitter Testing
  • Adrenal Stress Index
  • Drinking Water Analysis
  • GI Health Panel
  • Mold Test Kit (for home or office settings)
  • Radon
  • Water Tests (for public water and well)

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