Magnetic Clay Baths

Detoxify While You Relaxing in Your Own Tub

If you’re looking for an easy, inexpensive and effective way to detox at home, try magnetic clay baths. Tree of Life sells a variety of L.L. Magnetic Clay Detox Bath kits. To use these baths, simply fill your tub with warm water, pour in the magnetic clay and take a relaxing soak. As you do, the clay will facilitate the removal of toxins from your body. After several baths, you’ll notice a big difference in your energy and vitality.

How does a Magnetic Clay Bath work?

Magnetic clay baths are safe and natural, with no emulsifiers or chemical additives, and are comprised of pure, unprocessed clay, select herbs and botanicals, and activated charcoal. This particular sodium bentonite clay is raw and holds a negative ionic surface charge, giving it a strong drawing power that seems “magnetic.” The clay selected for Magnetic Clay Baths is specifically harvested and mined to maintain its natural energy, is not industrial grade, not chemically washed, and not irradiated. It is valued not only for its purity, but also for its effectiveness.


The clay is blended with herbs and botanicals to create a synergy between the ingredients that will be the most beneficial for your specific toxicity issues.


The negative ionic surface charge of the clay reacts with the positively charged toxins, drawing them through the cells of the skin. The warmth of the water opens pores and increases circulation in your skin, the body’s most efficient detoxification organ, making the process incredibly effective.


Types of Magnetic Clay Baths

Contact Tree of Life today to learn more about magnetic clay baths. Our consultant will assess your symptoms and lifestyle to help determine the right blend of clay, herbs and botanicals for you.

Magnetic clay baths can be used by people of all ages, from children to senior citizens.

To fully understand the benefits of clay detox baths, listen to the following interview with Magnetic Clay Products owners Judy Phillips and Jared Ramirez.

Why You Need Magnetic Clay Baths ?

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