New Client Information

Thank you for your interest in Tree of Life.  Whether you have already scheduled your first appointment or are just considering it, here is some helpful information to get you started. Seeking the support of a naturopath or holistic health practitioner is an investment in your long-term health. We don’t promise any overnight fixes, but will provide you with a roadmap to achieve optimal health.

Prior to your first appointment

All paperwork needs to be submitted prior to scheduling your first appointment, whether that be an appointment via Skype, phone, Zoom or in-person. Please email for more information on becoming a new client or to receive the New Client Information Pack.

At your first naturopathic or genetic nutritional consultation (for onsite appointments)

During your first consultation at Tree of Life, we will perform a saliva assessment, heart rate variability test and urinalysis. The results will help us understand your body’s current nutritional status and overall health. Afterward, a naturopath will consult with you to:

This initial consultation usually lasts between 30 and 60 minutes. You’ll have time to ask questions and gain an understanding of how you can benefit from our services. Be prepared to learn a lot about your health and how you can support it naturally! We recommend scheduling a follow-up consultation to monitor your progress until a maintenance protocol can be maintained.

To become a new client, please feel free use the “Become a Client” button or contact us directly at:

Phone        717-733-2003

Fax             717-733-1756


New Client Packet

To prepare for your first appointment, we recommend you download and review the following documents as well as complete the client intake form prior to your appointment.

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