“The Salt Chamber has been helpful in alleviating many of the symptoms associated with my chronic sinusitis. I have found my headaches, facial pressure, coughing and throat clearing have all improved since starting my sessions. The staff is knowledgeable, friendly and very helpful. I would recommend anyone with sinus issues give it a try and see if you experience the same relief.”


“After 10 years of treating chronic illness, I started seeing Bob Miller for genetic nutritional consultations. His recommendations and nutritional supplement protocol has been the key to me feeling well again. I highly recommend his services to anyone who just can’t find the missing link to their healing.”

–Katrina, Hanover, PA

“I knew that my weight was getting out of control and was harming my health. I lost 25 pounds, and it’s staying off, too. People are telling me all the time that I am looking better.”

–Irwin W., Lebanon, PA

“I can now fit into clothes I have not worn for years. Everyone keeps asking me what I am doing. My face has more color and I feel more energy. My husband is pleased at how I now look after the purification program. I liked making the shakes, and it was fun to do. I would encourage everyone to do it. If I can do it, you can too!”

–Sarah C., Gap, PA

“As a chronic Lyme patient, I follow an MSIDS approach and treat it ALL , wanting my body to heal from within, at its root causes. After having met with another genetic advisor for six months, I decided to have a phone consult with Bob Miller. Even before our phone consult, I was so impressed with the communications from his staff regarding my upcoming appointment. My phone appointment was comprehensive and brilliant, but more importantly, compassionate. Bob Miller WANTS his patients to understand their own bodies and WANTS to help them heal at the root cause. He is so very kind, and so patient. Two weeks into taking his recommended supplements, both my applied kinesiologist and yoga instructor asked me what I was doing differently, as they could tell my body was changing. I literally am more balanced, am sleeping better, and my kinesiologist can tell that more oxygen is getting to my brain.  I wish I had consulted with Bob Miller years ago as my Lyme protocol could have become more personalized to MY body. My first recommendation to anyone having health issues of any kind is, ‘get your genetic testing done via 23andme and set up a consult with Bob Miller!’ We are designed to heal!”

–Ruth, Michigan

Upon being diagnosed for Lyme disease and two other tick-borne illnesses several years ago, I wanted to find other ways to support my body naturally in combination with my physician-recommend treatment protocol. When I started having issues with detoxing, I saw Bob Miller who explained to me that genetic variants can impact one’s ability to detox as well as hold keys to our wellness. After doing the 23andMe text, Bob reviewed the results with me and I discovered that I have multiple genetic variants impeding detox, creating too much ammonia, hurting my production and use of anti-oxidants and had too many free radicals causing issues.


Now that I am supplementing my DNA gaps naturally, I find that my Lyme treatments are going more smoothly and that I am finally seeing some progress in healing.”

–Tina, Mechanicsburg, PA

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